Following instruction from here: Scheduling Tasks With Cron

1st, left try installing gnome-schedule, for a graphical interface to set up cron tasks:

pi@oscbridge:~$ sudo apt-get install gnome-schedule

(takes ~8mins)

This installs the program, and adds a menu item to the main menu at System Tools -> Scheduled tasks.

Having installed it, run the program to set up tasks - for example, to restart Node-RED daily:

  • Click Menu -> System Tools -> Scheduled tasks
  • Click New
  • Choose ‘A task that launches recurrently’
  • Give the task a description - eg. “Re-start Node-RED”
  • Enter the command - eg. sudo systemctl restart nodered
  • Choose a schedule - eg. Advanced - Minute:0 Hour:7
  • Click Add
  • Job done!